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The dishwasher in your home not only saves you time but also a great deal of effort. Time and energy better spent on things that matter. So, we understand the inconvenience you face when it breaks down.

You don’t have to resort to washing dishes by hand. If you live in Antioch, TN, just give us a call at Brad’s Appliance Repair. We’ll send a professional to your doorstep right away, and get your dishwasher operating again. Our team is well-trained and know their way around all the major brands. They’ll diagnose the problem, quote you a fair rate upfront, and repair it within the same day.

Even if your dishwasher hasn’t broken down and is just in need of maintenance, we also provide excellent routine appliance care services. Quality maintenance not only prolongs the lifespan of your appliance but also keeps it running smoothly.

Why did it break down?

Depending on the issue, there could be one or more reasons for the malfunction. Your pump assembly might have worn out, or it might be leaking, one of your heating elements may have burned out, your drain line might be clogged, or the water inlet valve might be defective—and when any of these components malfunction, they can lead to more than one problem. In plain English, it isn’t straightforward to identify and diagnose the issue.

That’s why you need an expert for your dishwasher repair because DIY repairs not only cost you time and effort but more often than not, they’ll cost you more money as well because things can often go wrong, particularly if you’re not already familiar with appliance repair.

Our professional repair service saves you that headache and gets the job down quickly and efficiently, which also means a few extra bucks in your wallet.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Water isn’t draining

In this case, you may be able to fix the issue by cleaning the drain screen at the bottom of your machine. This issue often results from frequently washing unrinsed dishes. If the drain is clean, the issue may be in the drainpipe or a faulty pump.

Hear a loud noise coming from the machine?

A damaged housing or blockage can cause a loud humming noise in your pump. This commonly requires some replacement parts and isn’t a DIY job. If it turns off after making that noise, your motor is probably toast.

Runs for too long or doesn’t clean the dishes properly

If the cycles have been going on for too long, it means either your thermostat or timer are malfunctioning. If your dishes are coming out spotty and improperly cleaned, the spray armholes, the impeller, or the heating elements might be to blame.

Doesn’t fill or doesn’t stop filling

If the dishwasher powers on but doesn’t fill up, it is draining too quickly, or the float and water inlet valve need to be replaced or cleaned. Commonly, you have to remove the lower access panel, to scrub or change the float.

Replacing the inlet valve is much, much trickier because it’s different for every brand, and this is where the expertise of our skilled technicians come in handy.

Should you consider a replacement?

With careful handling and maintenance, a dishwasher can last you anywhere between 8 years and a decade. Towards the end of that lifespan, you’re likely to start seeing more issues. If our team assesses your machine and finds that the current repair would just be the first of many, we’ll always be honest and recommend a replacement. We can even help you get that setup.

No matter your dishwasher woes, we’re here to solve them. Get in touch with our office for an appointment today.