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Whether you have a nice sunny yard for a clothesline or not, drying your laundry without a machine is a pain. While the clothes dryer has only been a staple in American homes since about 1970, today it’s an indispensable appliance most of us can’t live without.

If your dryer is acting up, call Brad’s Appliance Repair – the #1 appliance repair service in Antioch. Our team is well-trained and well-equipped to repair most leading dryer brands. Reach out to us, and we’ll dispatch a tech to your home the very same day, and get your dryer up and running again, whether it’s gas or electric.

Why did it break down?

Many things can cause dryer malfunctions. The thermal fuse might have blown out, or the drum seal could have failed, the thermostat might be broken, or the heating element might be malfunctioning. The drum support rollers or the belt might have worn out, or the motor could have seized. If it’s a gas dryer, the ignitor could be acting up.

Often dryer diagnosis requires a live voltage test, especially if your dryer isn’t powering on. This test should only be carried out by a professional and experienced appliance repair tech and isn’t a DIY process.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Dryer doesn’t turn on

If your dryer won’t power on, more often than not, it means that the power supply is disrupted either because of damaged switches, frayed wiring, or a defective power outlet. If not, a fuse or a breaker might have tripped, cutting the power supply. You can check for a flipped breaker just by having a look in your fuse box, but if it continues to happen, there may be an underlying short. We can fix that too.

If the terminal block is broken, we’ll install a new one in its place, but troubleshooting requires a live voltage test to be performed. If it’s not the terminal block, the thermostat, the door or start switch might be to blame.

Dryer makes a loud humming or shrill noise

If your dryer is noisy, it’s probably because some component has worn out with time. It could either be the glides at the end of the drum, the blower wheel, drum support roller, or the main belt. Most of these can be replaced.

Dryer won’t heat

A dryer that won’t heat is often an issue of poor airflow. Try vacuuming out your air duct. If that doesn’t fix things, the thermal fuse – a piece of equipment which keeps the dryer from getting too hot, may have tripped and cut the heat completely. The fuse must be swapped to get the dryer to heat again.

If the heating element is broken and not conducting, it will need to be replaced. If that doesn’t fix the problem, the temperature switch, the timer, or the thermostat are likely culprits, which would need to be changed.

Should I consider a replacement?

The average life expectancy of a dryer is about 13 years with proper maintenance—which we also offer— after that you’re likely to start having significant problems. That’s why if one of our techs feels your unit would cost you more to keep than to replace, we’ll let you know. Our goal is to get your dryer up and running in the most economical way possible—even if it means replacing it.

No matter what’s going on with your dryer, we can help. We offer affordable, reliable, high-quality services, and we do it quicker than anyone else. Get in touch with our team today.