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Suffering the heat with a drink because your ice machine is on the fritz? Then it’s time to call a reliable pro repairing service. Call Brad’s Appliance Repair for the best appliance repair services in Antioch.

Whether you have a built-in icemaker – a part of your freezer or refrigerator—or a portable one, as long as it’s a major brand, our repairmen can restore it within the same day. Even if it is an obscure antique, we’ll get it figured out and up and running. Our experts are well-trained and have years of experience repairing appliances. We take pride in providing impeccable repairing services.

Why did it break down?

The optimal temperature inside an ice maker should be between zero and five degrees (that’s -18 degrees in Celsius). If it is any higher than that, it means your ice maker is malfunctioning—but why? Well, there is a whole crowd of problems and even more causes for those problems. We’ll try to list a few more common issues – more on that in a minute.

Before you call us, you might be asking yourself if you really need an expert for the repairs. Good question. Here’s the answer. If you’re not trying to repair with trial and error and have experience repairing appliances, you could try and make ice maker repairs on your own, but we’d strongly recommend against DIY repairs.

Here’s why:

Hiring an expert is a safer, cost-effective, more convenient, and time-efficient alternative to DIY. Expert appliance repair techs know exactly what they’re doing. They’re familiar with safety protocols, shock hazards, and precautions. Licensed technicians have the right tools for the job at their disposal, not to mention the experience of using them. So, they won’t cause further damages (something DIY enthusiasts often end up doing), which makes the repairs more efficient and less costly.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice Maker isn’t working

When the ice bin fills up, the control arm shifts its position, temporarily pausing the ice making. If this arm is stuck in that position or has been manually moved, the ice maker won’t work.

If the filter or the water line is clogged, the ice maker won’t receive the water it needs to make ice, crippling the mechanism. Filters and the waterline aren’t the only components which can get clogged. The water inlet valve might get blocked with debris too. Or your door switch could be malfunctioning which suspends the ice maker.

These problems can be addressed by a thorough cleaning or installing new parts if they’re damaged beyond repair.


If the ice maker is leaking water onto the floor or inside the freezer, the alignment and level are common culprits. Although the supply line might be damaged, which would need replacing. You can ensure that your refrigerator, freezer, or the stand-alone ice maker unit is perfectly level, but if that doesn’t do the trick. Pick up your phone and give us a call. We’ll troubleshoot and plug the leaks before it leads to further damage.

Ice won’t eject/tastes bad/looks odd

If the ice your icemaker dispenses ice that tastes funny or doesn’t look right, the supply line, inlet valve, or the water filter might need to be repaired or replaced. There may also be something in the ice dispenser mechanism.

The ice maker fails to eject the cubes properly for a variety of reasons, but the ice mold heater, ejecting motor or circuitry, or the thermostat might be to blame.

Should I consider a replacement?

If your ice machine is appropriately maintained and is supplied with quality water, it can last up to five years. After that, it’ll break down every so often, which means a replacement is in order. We can help you find a suitable replacement and install it.

No matter your ice machine repair needs, call our office to solve them.